Welcome to Captain Nir's Dips and Sauces!! Yes, our owner thinks he can cook and fish (not at the same time). Read ABOUT.

We are excited that you found us. Our products use all fresh ingredients and are gluten free. There are Dips and Sauces currently available.

Not sure why we have two types, only that you like chunky sometimes and liquid for a quick fix! SNAP, look at what we have...

  • HOTLAPEÑO DIP (Green & Red)

    The Hot Chunky Dip can be used with chips, eggs, tacos, fingers, toes (if you will), and almost anything you eat! The Red Hot Chunky Dip is for those of you who have an aversion to eating only red hot stuff.

  • HOTLAPEÑO SAUCE (Green & Red)

    The sauce is for pouring into your mouth. (Yes, you can taste hot best this way.) Actually, this is an excellent taco sauce or an extra kick to add to your soup. Use it in any food (or drink) that you love.

Now, just go to the links and buy some before you miss out on our yummy products (Oh yea! They are good on anything you eat!)